Senor Garibaldi Hot Sauce  

…was born and raised in Squamish, BC

A product of the twisted mind of Enrique (Frankie) Orozco this hot sauce is steeped in local history.

Mount Garibaldi was named after the Italian liberator Giuseppe Garibaldi but it was his grandson after which we named Senor Garibaldi Hot Sauce. A man to whom adventure was a part of his very nature.

Giuseppe Garibaldi II, better known as Peppino, was a hero of the Mexican revolution. In his youth, was a freelance mercenary serving in seven wars by the time he was 30. As a student, he ran away from the University of Rome to enlist in the foreign legion in the Turk-Greek war. Later, after some exciting adventures in Nicaragua, he served under the Brits in the Boer War in South Africa.

Peppino was a man to whom honor, respect, and loyalty were more than just words, they were ideals worth fighting for. It was almost inevitable that shortly after the turn of the century his adventures would lead him to Mexico where his fighting alongside Pancho Villa is the stuff of legends.

Senor Garibaldi Hot Sauce honors Peppino and others who share his adventurous spirit.

Try some and we think you’ll agree, it’s the best tasting hot sauce around.

Peppino Garibaldi – Mexican Hero

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Ok.. so you’ve tried hot sauces before. Plain, boring .. sure they were hot but where was the flavour? Am I right? Well, wonder no longer. The flavour has been hiding in Senor Garibaldi Hot Sauce all along.
Smokey, smooth, etc etc etc….. we feel this is the best tasting hot sauce and believe you’ll agree with us.

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